Head of Supply Chain Excellence at Otto Group Holding | Supply Chain Enthusiast | Operations Research Expert

Dr. Malte Meistering

Dr. Malte Meistering is a dynamic professional supply chain enthusiasts with extensive expertise in operations research. Currently serving as the Head of Supply Chain Excellence at Otto Group Holding, Malte continuously staying updated with the latest findings in the fields of OR and Decision Intelligence. Malte’s passion for knowledge extends beyond his professional achievements. He also actively engages in lecturing on Operations Research, sharing his practical and theoretical expertise with aspiring students. Through his lectures, he inspires and nurtures the next generation of analysts and decision-makers. Throughout his career, Malte has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a drive to achieve operational excellence within the Otto Group supply chains. He embraces innovative solutions and continuously seeks opportunities to improve processes, leverage data-driven insights, and enhance decision-making capabilities.”

Supercharging growth & innovation
Decision Intelligence als Innovationsmotor: Wie KI-basierte Entscheidungen die Prognoseprozesse der Otto Group revolutionieren

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