Corporate Advisor, Silicon Valley Pioneer, AI Evangelist, Author

Christoph Burkhardt

Christoph is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author of multiple books and sought after advisor by executives at global players such as Pfizer, BMW, Allianz or Aldi. He regularly guest lectures at leading schools such as ETH Zurich, St. Gallen or Stanford. He has mentored over 300 startups and has - as a startup CEO - led a team of 90 through a successful global product launch. He specializes in emerging technologies, impact innovation and digital business models. Born and raised in Germany, the unconditional optimist made San Francisco his home over a decade ago. CV Born and raised in Germany 2007 BSc in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Heidelberg 2009 Double Degree in Business Economics and Psychology at LMU Munich 2011 MSc with distinction at the London School of Economics, thesis with Google on Collective Intelligence 2011 Founder of TinyBox, think tank in applied technologies 2014 Newcomer Award at the German Speakers Association 2016 Founder of the Burkhardt Group LLC in San Francisco 2019 CEO of health tech startup OneLife 2020 Top 100 European Speakers (Speakers Excellence) 2021 Top 50 Healthcare CEOs (Technology Innovators Magazine) 2022 Consulting with impact innovators around the globe 2023 Founder of the Impact Innovation Institute, San Francisco

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