Head of Program Management of the disruptive Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Programs “Digital SCM Companion” and "Data Axxelerator" at Siemens AG

Markus Zechel

Markus Zechel is an Innovation Manager and the Head of Program Management for Siemens Innovation Fund sponsored programs such as "Data Axxelerator" and "SCM Digital Companion", with which he and his project team won the Siemens “SCM Digitalization award”. He also founded and manages the Siemens internal Data2Value Community. Over the past 10 years, Zechel has successfully led key areas such as Trend Scouting, Benchmarking, worldwide Maturity Assessments, and Digitalization Initiatives at Siemens. Zechel regularly shares his extensive experience as an 'Analytics Translator' in the field of artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and agile work methods through lectures at colleges and private symposia. He holds a diploma in "Industrial Engineering (FH)" and an MBA and began his career at Siemens Supply Chain Consulting in 2004. In his personal life, Markus enjoys traveling, tennis, mountain biking, ski touring, windsurfing and serendipity. He is married and has two children.

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