Founder & CEO Merantix Momentum, Digital Leader World Economic Forum

Nicole Büttner

I am an entrepreneur, economist and tech optimist. I believe artificial intelligence has the potential to create deep positive impact on individuals, businesses and society as a whole. I enjoy working on real-life challenges and developing new solutions with the help of machine learning and AI. Investing in startups and serving as a board member in corporates is a way for me to widen the impact of my deep tech expertise as well as passion for transformation. I have been managing and enabling international teams for crucial decision-making processes and throughout project implementation in high stakes situations and innovation processes for over 9 years. I enjoy sharing my experience - be it lecturing at universities or speaking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at conferences. I am passionate about bringing digital technologies to government and setting the right agendas for a prosperous technology sector in Europe. Since 2018 I have the pleasure of serving on the Board of Alumni of the University of St.Gallen. Also, I am part of the Young Leaders of Aspen Institute and Rising Talents community of the Women's Forum.

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