Vice President Data at FREE NOW

Dr. Tim Wiegels

Since August 2018, Tim Wiegels has headed data analytics, data engineering, data science, as well as data governance and experimentation at FREE NOW (formerly mytaxi) as Vice President DATA. In this role, Tim develops and executes the DATA strategy and pushes a stronger data-driven mindset in all areas. Tim previously worked as Director Data and Marketing at the HitFox Group (now IONIQ) and was also responsible for the same areas at the subsidiary Heartbeat Labs. Other positions as data scientist, product owner, team lead for business intelligence controlling, tracking and reporting, as well as business analytics include Goodgame Studios and XING. Tim successfully completed his PhD in bioinformatics / data science at the University of Hamburg and at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).

Decision Intelligence
Maschinelle Intelligenz: Ist Decision Intelligence das neue Data Science?

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